Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain, You probably know what it's like, it hurts to bend down to put on your socks; in fact you might not be able to put your socks on without lying on your back on your bed and lifting your knees to your chest.

One bloke I spoke to recently said his back was so bad he had to get his wife to help him put on his socks for two years.

Every time you sneeze it feels like someone is pushing a red hot poker into your lower back. That's when you know your back is so far out of alignment that you've 'slipped' a disk.


It's always the same - with the metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological dysfunction. Something is out of alignment.

If it's lower back pain it's the bones of your lower back!

The solution? Get them back into alignment.

Sounds easy? It is.

Just find out which muscles are pulling your lumber spine bones out of alignment.


It's not muscles around the spot where it hurts.

That's why paying good money to have someone massage your back at the point where it hurts is well nigh useless. You'll feel better for a couple of hours. You want to feel better - permanently

Keep going down.

Loosen off calf, hamstring and buttock muscles and for 80% of people there's an 80% chance that the bones in your lumbar spine will gradually go back into alignment.

Then the pain goes away.

To get the full story - and the exercises to help with lower back pain go to globalbackcare.com/lower-back-pain


John Miller

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