Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Back Hurts

You're not alone.

Back pain would have to be able the most common body system dysfunction there is.

More likely than not you're in pain because your body is out of alignment - or your muscles aren't strong enough to support your spinal column.

The pain is telling you to get back into alignment and become stronger.

This is not rocket surgery!

The common pathway that people treat when they have back pain is
  • traipse off to the surgery
  • traipse off to the radiologist
  • traipse over to the chemist
  • traipse off to the masseur, the physio or the chiro at great expense and an inordinate amount of time.
Most doctors don't have a clue about the cause of back pain. Most of the leading medical research organisations don't have a clue either. That's because it's a fitness problem, not a medical problem.

The doctor will send you over to the radiologist for an X-Ray.

The X-Ray will be well nigh useless. In those cases where you've got a bulging disk it will indeed indicate that you have a bulging disk. Hello! What it won't do is provide you with information about what's caused the bulging disk.

So it's back to the doctor who after wracking his brain writes out the prescription you're expecting and sends you over to the chemist for a pill to mask the pain. Surprisingly that me be useful. For a lot of people the pain gradually goes away in a few weeks. But likely as not it will return at some time in the future - out of the blue.

You may end up on the plinth attended by the masseur, physio or chiro. The treatment may be useful. Rehab of this nature may be palliative - as in providing temporary relief of the pain. It may also speed up the rehab process. In fact that's the main benefit of the rub down, the crunch and the electric shock treatment.

The rehab process

However the most effective treatment in the rehab process will be the exercises you do yourself. You can't subcontract your exercise program out to your therapist or your chemist. You have to do it yourself.

In the book 'Fix Back Pain' I'll show you some of the key exercises you need to do to key your body back in alignment.

I also have an online diagnostic service.

I also recommend you go to a gym three times a week for a general strength training program.

To find out more go to

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember very few people got fitter or healthier in a surgery.


John Miller

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