Monday, November 9, 2009

My Back Pain

Around 50% of people say that have back pain, neck or shoulder pain.
It's about the most common body system dysfunction there is.
For some people it's an injury - they had an accident, they slipped and fell awkwardly, something hit them ...
For most people it's a personally generated dysfunction. Weak and tight muscles have allowed the bones of the spinal column to go out of alignment.
It happens gradually.
If you don't have a regular and systematic strength and flexibility training program there's an 80% chance that sooner or later you'll find themselves teetering on the edge of a major musculo-skeletal disaster.
If you're 20Kg (around 40 pounds) over weight make that 90%.
You're teetering on the edge just waiting for a critical incident

The incident could be as minor as turning round to pick up a spanner or a phone book. It could something you're quite used to doing, like using a shovel or lifting the groceries into the boot of your car. For a normal, healthy person with a spinal column in good alignment and strong muscles to support it the incident wouldn't have caused a problem at all.
Guess who gets the blame? You guessed it, the spanner, the phone book, the shovel and the groceries! Bad workmen are still blaming their tools.
Or you might blame your age. Age doesn't have much to do with strength and flexibility. The older you are the more time you've had to train!
So how do you know whether you're are teetering on the edge?
If you
  • can't do a situp or a press up
  • can't touch your toes
  • find it difficult to sit down on the floor and stand up again
  • can't get your hands flat back against the wall while in the 'surrender' position
  • can't sit up straight
  • don't have a strength and flexibility training program
  • are 20Kg or more overweight

you're staring back pain in the face.

I can help you diagnose the likely cause of the problem and provide you with solutions that will go a long way toward restoring poor function to good.

To find out more go to Global Back Care web site

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember if everyone kept themselves in good nick, doctors, chemists, physios and chiros would be sitting around twiddling their thumbs and playing golf on Wednesdays.


John Miller

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