Monday, December 14, 2009


If you get back pain at home it's a symptom that occurs when the bones of your spinal column are out of alignment.

The pain is telling you that ligaments, tendons and muscles have reached their pain threshold.

The pain is telling you to get your body back into alignment.

Now, it's not going to happen over night, but there are definitely exercises you can do to get your pelvis and your spinal column back into better alignment. Absolutely.

Here's an exercise that will be particularly helpful.
Start doing the hip crosss-over over and over again while lying on the floor. You can do it while you;re watching TV, just stick a cushion under you head to make it more comfortable.

Build up so that you can spend 5 minutes one side and the 5 minutes the other for 40 minutes in total.

If you're pelvis and spinal column is so far out of alignment that you can't put your knee and foot on the floor, rest them on some books, and gradually during the course of the session keep taking books away as the muscles around your hip gradually loosen off.

You may be surprised at how soon you can rest with your knee and foot on the floor.

This is an every-night-exercise and in about 2 months your back should be feeling a whole lot better.

This is a fix, but it's not a quick fix.

Just ask yourself how long it's taken for your back to become out of alignment? Years, decades. Now just give it a couple of months every night to fix the damage.

Here's something else you can do. While in bed, lie on your back and put your lower legs on a couple of pillows. That should bring relief.

Of course there's a lot more you can do to speed up the rehab process. You'll find more of the exercises you need to do in the Fix back Pain ebook available from

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, it's a big ask expecting to get better by having someone do something to you; sooner or later you have to do something to yourself.

John Miller

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