Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A huge number of people complain about back pain at work.

In fact there is always the tedency to blame work for the pain, though usually that's unfair.

It's not what's done at work that causes back pain but what people don't do at home.

If you don't have a strength and flexibility training program there is a high likelihood that your're going to get back pain at some time.

So, knowing people don't do the exercises at home, there is any number of compelling reasons why it's worthwhile for organisations to implement a back care exercise program at work.

But as soon as you say that, someone (often an OH&S manage for some strange reason) will say, 'But you can't force people to do exercises at work?'

I always find this an astounding comment when the cost to the workplace can be so horrendous.

While an organisation is paying the workers compensation premiums, they certainly can tell their staff to do a few exercises, and give them the time to do it.

In the long run, and after they get used to it, the staff will thank the organisation.

It's all about culture. The Chinese and Japanese don't seem to have the same issues around the culture of expecting staff to do a few exercises that our culture does.

Change the culture - from the top down, bottom up and sideways.


John Miller

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