Monday, December 14, 2009


It's a strange thing indeed when people who complain about back pain sitting down, keep sitting down.

They ask the OH&S staff for a new $800 chair.

Their back doesn't get any better. Duh! Like most bad workmen, people with back pain are still blaming their tools.

Sitting down is one of the main causes of back pain, because if you do it for long enough, sooner or later your calf, hamstring and buttock muscles will shorten, tilting your pelvis back and moving the bones of your spinal column out of alignment. You start to feel pressure on your ligaments, tendons, muscles and discs. More pressure, more pain.

You end up looking like this.

The natural 'S' shaped curve of your spine has become a 'C' shape.

Repetitive strain injuryOrganisations have an obligation to protect people from the biggest repetitive strain activity in modern workplaces - sitting down.

These days there is no obligation for people to be required to sit down all day. They can do their work just as well standing up, or kneeeing.

All they need is the right office set up. Like this.

In fact, without much trouble you can get people to stand up, put a box on their desks to accommodate the keyboard and the mouse and let them get on with their work. In the long run they'll bless you. You prevent the continued shortening of calve, hamstring and buttock muscles. Pelvois and vetrebrae stay in better alignm,ent. Pain goers away. Miraculous!

No-one ever said you had to sit down all day.

It's got to the point where if people aren't prepared to take a bit of time out, in company time, to do a few exercises each day, you can't afford tho let them sit down.

So, if you've got back pain sitting down: stand up!

In the mean time stay tuned, highly tuned and if you suffer from back pain sitting down, start doing the exercises outlined in the Fix Back Pain ebook at

John Miller

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