Sunday, May 9, 2010

Achilles Tendonitis

For sometime now I’ve had Achilles Tendonitis.

I’ve tried a lot of things – stretching, strengthening and ice down the back of a neoprene anklet. All useful.

BUT, lately I’ve taken to using THE STICK, an invention of which involves a small set of rollers on a stick being used to massage your calf muscles and the Achilles tendon.

It works. It’s taken pressure off the Achilles and I’m feeling heaps better when I run.

The rollers get right in and start to loosen up knots in my calf muscles.

I’ve had tight calves for donkey’s years. Nothing has loosened them up like The Stick.

I’ve tried stretching, but on its own it hasn’t made the big difference I was looking for. I’ve had massages but unless you’re King Farouk you can’t afford 100 bucks a day for calf massages.

Often I’ll use The Stick five or six times a day for half a minute or so on each leg. I start with the right calf for half a minute, then the left calf, back the the right and then back to the left.

If I ask politely, Christine will give me a workout for a few minutes. I lie face down on the bed and she gets to work with the rollers. She can feel the knots in the tight calves and works on them. I’m not suretwhat those ‘knots’ are, but they must be extraordinarily tight spots in the calf.

It’s amazing really, she works on one leg, then the other and coming back to the first leg the knot(s) have disappeared. It’s like the muscles relaxes while you work on the other leg.

So,there you have it. I recommend the The Stick. I recommend you use is a number of times during the day. I recommend you getyour wife, partner, children or mate to give you a better workout than you can give yourself.

I also know that the stretching and strengthening ewxercises you do yourself, and ice down the back of the neoprene anklet are necessary parts of the rehab process. The Stick speeds up that process.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and get yourself The Stick.

John Miller

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