Monday, May 31, 2010

Low Back Pain Relief

For Low Back Pain Relief Andy signed up for the back pain diagnostic service. This meant going to the website and sending me some photos of himself in various postures. He's not in bad shape actually, strong, close to his ideal wight and trains regularly at the gym.

His back started hurting after he started a sit down job five years ago.

He's a bit tight in calf, hamstring and buttock muscles, more so on the right side than the left. He's now got the exercises and I think the prognosis is good.

In view of the fact that he said sitting down might be contributing to the problem I penned this article and sent him a copy.


Here are seven secrets for sitting down painlessly that will provide you with low back pain relief.

First secret for sitting at the desk:
Your abdomen must be pressing in to the desk and the back of the chair upright and pressing in up under your shoulder blades. You're locked in, sitting up straight, hollow in lumbar spine.

Second secret:
Spend some time each day standing up. Put a box on your desk big enough to fit your keyboard and your mouse.

Third secret:
Get yourself a Balans Chair.
Spend some time each day on it. The reason these chairs work to provide low back pain relief is because they eliminate the effect that tight hamstrings and buttock muscles have in stopping you from sitting up straight with the 'S" shaped curve in your spine.

'They' say not to spend all your time on it as it may impact on your knees. Some of the day is good - as it sitting with stomach against desk and standing up.

Fourth secret:
Sit on the floor with legs straight out - particularly if all you're doing is reading.

Secret five:
Do supine groin stretch, and a few hip crossovers at lunch time.Secret six:
Build up your situps, feet held to 40, on the trot.

Secret seven:
Build up your pressups to 40, on the trot. Pressups not only strengthen arms and shoulders but also your trunk muscles, front, back and core. Do Superman and cobra for a minute a day.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and sit up straight.

John Miller

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