Friday, September 21, 2012

Do You Suffer from Achilles Tendon Pain?

Achilles Tendon Pain is one of the most frustrating musculo-skeletal complaints a regular exerciser can get. You’re busting to get back on the track, but you know you need to rest. You’re looking for a quick fix but neither quick fixes (nor quack fixes) seem to do the trick.

The usual treatments at the spot where it’s painful, icing, heating, rubbing and vibrating, whilst necessary often aren’t sufficient to fix it up quickly and keep it fixed up.

The solution?

You’ve got to search for the cause of the problem and it’s to be found either below the Achilles tendon or above it - and most likely both. I can show you where to look, and how to diagnose the likely cause of the problem. As well as that you’ll get a recommended set of exercises and remedies, the synergistic effect of which is likely to get you back on the track within a few weeks.

First step?

Download the Global Back Care Emergency Handbook. at

Or purchase your copy of the How Fix Achilles Tendon Pain, Calf and Shin Pain ebook.

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